I created this piece to process my 2020 - undoubtably, a tumultuous year for us all. It honors a lot of personal growth that took place under the strangest of circumstances. RISE is my first take on a visual poem, and it reflects my inner world through the stages of the year.


There are countless ways we could ‘measure’  2020… the worst year, the most unstable year, the most surprising year, the saddest year, the most angering year, the most isolated year, the most unhinged..disturbing…inhumane….there is truth in all of these. And, paradoxically, I believe many of us have undergone some type of re-birth, consciously or not, because of how uprooting it was.


I believe in times like now we are being asked to expand. These are the times when imaginations run wild and new codes are written. Witnessing evolution in those around me was beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you for witnessing a piece of mine.  

by Sadie Zuch